Greetings, everyone. I’m John C. Ricker, an author and artist living in Minneapolis.

I studied at Cornell College, Augsburg College and Normandale College, exploring diverse subjects from philosophy to computer science and nanotechnology. Since 2005, I have given speeches with my wife Erika Hammerschmidt on the subject of life and love on the autism spectrum. We have co-authored the novel “Kea’s Flight,” with my contribution focusing on characterization, plot and technical details.

Though I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, I believe that my outsider perspective, keen observation skills and eidetic memory have made me unusually talented at understanding people. On yayinabox.com, I hope to offer my insights to help others with relationships, intimacy, and writing.

Below you can read about the latest things I’ve been working on.

New additions to the site!

I’ve been thinking about what I have to offer people, and I have decided to add three new pages to this site.




In my interactions with friends and loved ones, these have been some of the most common things I’m asked for help with. I believe I have a rare skill at understanding people, since I have spent so long studying them.

My friends often ask me for help with characterization and plot when they are writing fiction. Even more frequently, they ask me for advice with romantic and intimate relationships, since I am usually able to provide valuable insights on how people think and interact with each other.

So I have decided to publish some of those insights on a new collection of blogs, in an attempt to help others the way I have helped my friends. As time goes on, I hope to take questions from followers of my blogs, as well. Keep checking back; I will eventually have more posts on each of them.

Drawings Page

I now have a whole page of my abstract drawings up.

Because of my motor control problems, I can only do abstract art. When I try to control where my hand goes while drawing, it always cramps, but I can draw by allowing my hand to move freely and turn every mistake into a part of the picture.

Click here to see it.

Chapter 1 of “Age of the Censor”

This is one of the stand alone chapters that will comprise the beginning of the novel I’m working on. The themes in this story will be explored to a much greater extent in the novel. In time, I will be posting more stand alone chapters on this website. This short story will soon be available in the Kindle store and on Lulu, if you’d prefer to read it in a better format.