Imagine yourself as a space explorer.

Out on the edge of the galaxy, you’ve encountered a residential space station, a peaceful home for hundreds of alien species you’ve never seen before.


You teleport aboard to explore it.

The station contains many floors of apartments, arranged around a central courtyard.

As you walk toward the center, you realize that your species is larger than any of the ones who live here.

You are multiple stories tall… you can look in the windows of all the apartments and read the printed biographies of all the people inside.


You enter the courtyard.
Every apartment has an open side looking out on it.

Of course you’ve used your temporal manipulator to pause time in the apartments, so you can observe the inhabitants without disturbing their society.

There they are, frozen in a moment of their daily lives.


Inside the courtyard is enough room for you to walk around,
admire the garden, see the insides of all the apartments,
and sit down to read books full of their stories.


These sculptures are a rough, half-scale sample of what a few rooms would look like in the space-station-themed gallery that we want to build someday.

In the final project, we hope to have much larger cubes, 13 or 14 inches across.

We are trying to raise funds and make connections to make that dream come true.

We are doing this through the “Donate” button on the side of this site, and also by selling the rough draft mockups.

The first six cubes (Operator #19’s Apartment; The Baking Cooperative; A, G and F#’s Jewelry Shop; Kit’s Painting Pool; Sessaris’s Violin Studio; and Tree Mother’s Garden) were for sale at Wiscon (May 26-29, 2017).


The Concept


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