What? When? Where?


What will this be? Is it just a gallery of alien sculptures?

It will be a gallery… but, depending on what we think will do best, it may also be part of a cafĂ©, a book shop, a gift shop, a gardening shop, a rescued animal sanctuary, or some other possibility or combination of them.

What do you think? What’s your advice?


When will this be built?

We don’t know. Right now we’re not anywhere near having the resources for it. But if you’d like to help us reach that dream… please donate! And buy our art! And our books! And hire us as speakers! We do all sorts of things! We just need people to know about us!

And even more important, share! Spread this website around, make it go viral, share it with everyone you know– especially anyone who might be interested in investing in it!

We also welcome any advice you have about how to get this thing started!


Where will this be built?

We don’t know that either. We don’t even know where we’ll be living in a few years. But again, we are very welcoming of input, especially if you know of someplace where we could get a good deal on the space we’d need to build this. Do you own a building you’re trying to sell? Do your friends own a shop with extra space they want to rent out? Let us know!

(At the moment we’re especially interested in locations outside the USA,
but we’ll listen to any ideas you have.)


Can I make part of it?

If you have an idea for an alien apartment, feel free to make it, or at least plan it out.

If this ever gets off the ground, I’m sure we’ll be delighted to include your creation.

But don’t send it to us yet– right now we don’t even have anyplace to put it! For now, focus on sharing and getting the word out!




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